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We insure several different types of hard to insure South Jersey commercial vehicles such as tractor trailers, motorcoach fleets, bus fleets, trucking fleets and several other classes.  We have preferred companies to high risk commercial policies available through the State Of New Jersey Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan (NJCAIP).

Simply give us a call or use our super quick quote request form and we’ll contact to discuss all available options to get your business insurance properly with the best commercial auto insurance.

Get help with your South Jersey business insurance.

South Jersey Commercial Insurance For All Kinds Of Business Types

We can help you insure your one car business or up to your super sized fleet of tractor trailers ‘Big Rig” truck or buses.

Here is a list of possible South Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance business types that we can insure.

From hard to place risks to the most easiest South Jersey Commercial Auto insurance policies we help everyday.

Long-Haul Truck Insurance
• Intermediate-Radius Truck Load Carriers
• Less-than-Truck Load Carriers
• Contract Carriers
• Dedicated Fleets
Private Fleets
• Intermodal Carriers
• Commuter & Charter Buses
• School Buses
• Para-transit Livery
• Airport Shuttle Vans
• Stone Haulers
• Cement Haulers
• Gasoline-Diesel Fuel Carriers
• Hazardous Waste
• Chemical Haulers
• Milk Carriers
• Vehicle Leasing & Rental Companies
• Ammunition-Explosives Carriers
• Flat-bed Haulers
• Household Goods Movers
• Residential & Commercial Rubbish Removal